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NBA 2K22 Update Patch 1.03 Notes (September 16)

Updated: Added 1.03 Patch Notes from 2K

[Original Story] - NBA 2K22 is out now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC platforms. So more or less any gaming platform going really. Well, accept for Stadia, or Luna. But most of the big ones certainly.

Whilst NBA 2K22 features several new additions and improvements over its predecessor, there is no escaping that the game will still require a whole assortment of updates. That's because like so many live service games the game requires constant updating from 2K. From small hotfixes to more larger scale patches and sometimes simple roster tweaks. It's a core facet of any online game these days and one most players have become accustomed to. Constant iterations from the devs at Visual Concepts to make your playing time all that more enjoyable (they hope).


On this page we're keeping you up to date on the latest NBA 2K22 patch as it drops, from what version is available on your platform, to file sizes and more importantly, those patch notes which detail every nitty gritty change as it happens. So keep reading for all you need to know on the latest NBA 2K22 patch.

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NBA 2K22 Update File Sizes

The latest update released was Update 1.03 on September 16 and this update has a download size of 1.1 GB on PC and 15.412 GB on PS4.

NBA 2K22 Update 1.03 Patch Notes -

The below is where we'll keep you up to date on the latest patch notes. Typically in the past NBA 2K hasn't been all that forthcoming with patch notes ahead of updates going live.

It's normally the hard work of communities on Reddit to work out any changes as the updates are released.

Then some hours later, 2K will normally release a Courtside Report with all the relevant details and confirmed patch notes. Sometimes we'll also get small updates from Mike Wang, Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, on his Twitter page.

Below is a run down of the last official patch notes


NBA 2K22 Update 1.03

The official NBA 2K Twitter page has posted the following message in relation to the 1.03 update released on 16 September 2021.

Our latest patch is live on PS4 & PC bringing continued stability fixes to the game No gameplay changes! Other consoles coming soon.”

A separate message was also shared on the game’s PS4 update history page. However, it doesn't shed any further light on the changes, simply saying:

Improved the stability of the title in addition to a number of general improvements to the user experience.

NBA 2K22 Update 1.04 Patch Notes


The next update for NBA 2K22 will be Patch 1.04 and whilst it's not clear when this next patch might arrive, the dedicated community at NBA 2K on Reddit have some thougths on where the game can (and arguably should) improve.

The Reddit community will routinely compile bug reports and feedback which is sent to the developers at 2K. There's even an archive of reports should you feel inclinded to see what feedback they're sent previously.

Below is a list of some of the most common complaints with NBA 2K22 and some which we'e hoping to see fixed in the next patch.

NBA 2K22 Feedback For Next Patch | 1.04

FEEDBACK #3 - In Progress as of September 17, 2021


  • Bug: "Belle of the Ball" trophy (Be a lottery pick in MyCAREER) not awarding.


  • Suggestion: Add option to change color of stamina bar from yellow default.

MyPLAYER (Builds/Badges)

  • Bug: Unlimited boosts reward from the daily reward only gives 99 boosts, not unlimited.

MyCAREER — Quests

  • Bug: Issue with "The Come Up: Toe the Line" --
    • Player completes coach's checklist to become a starter, but the quest is not completed and the player is still on the bench.

MyCAREER — Park/Pro-Am/Rec

  • Suggestion: Add back tiered matchmaking for Rec games.

FEEDBACK #2 - Sent to 2K on September 14, 2021


  • Suggestion: Add option to choose the commentary crew before games.


  • Bug: Frame rate becomes choppy during camera flip (ex. when using 2K cam).
  • Bug: If the player scrolls down in the playcalling menu, then goes to the next page, the menu will select the play in the slot you scrolled down to previously rather than the play you intended to select.


Play Now/Quick Play

  • Bug: For Player Control, players 5-10 are unable to pick a team, players 1-4 are okay.

MyCAREER — Quests

  • Bug: Issues with quests that require watching Kendrick Perkins videos.
    • Video is not in the social media tab, or watching the video does not complete the quest. [Picture 1, Picture 2, Video]
  • Bug: Issues with quests with The Game.
    • His NPC becomes invisible and/or quest map marker disappears. [Picture]
  • Suggestion: Sort Completed quests in reverse order from new to old.


  • Bug: Player models and environment art do not render for post-game interviews on PS4/XB1, everything is blacked/grayed out.
  • Bug: Minutes Played statistic is not tracked correctly post-game on PS5/XBS.
  • Suggestion: End drills after 3 stars.

MyCAREER — City/Pro-Am/Rec

  • Bug: Issues with squads --
    • Invites are delayed to show up or don't show up at all.
    • Player does not join a squad after accepting the invite.
    • Using Got Next VIP for squads prevents games from starting.
  • Bug: Having separate servers for different areas of the City map is a great idea, but players keep getting booted when moving into a different server.
  • Bug: Unplayable latency during peak times for all MyCAREER online modes.
  • Bug: Daily Spin prizes are not available to redeem in the City stores.
  • Suggestion: Add folded arm sleeves as an option for MyPlayers.


  • Bug: Game freezes up for Nintendo Switch players when loading the Ascension board.
  • Suggestion: Allow players to save coach settings and gameplan for online modes.


  • Bug: MyNBA Trade Finder is missing. [Picture]
  • Suggestion: Add more MyNBA features to MyNBA Online --

More details to follow as they're made available.