Best NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges

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There's no feeling quite like making a clutch bucket in NBA 2K22.

Whether it's the trademark Steph Curry three or the Chris Paul stop and pop from mid-range, so long as the ball is draining the bucket, it really doesn't matter!


If you want to be the top scorer in your MyCAREER save then you will have to look to grind some of the Shooting Badges that are available to you.

Here are the best of the best.

The Best Shooting Badges in NBA 2K22

As always, there are 20 badges to grind for in this category.

We have worked through all 20 to bring you what we consider to be the most important five.

Here is our shortlist.

Corner Specialist

If you're playing as a guard or a wing, then this is a must have.

The ability to knock down a corner three is imperative to any ball dominant player who is hoping to lead the scoring averages, just ask Steph Curry!

The Corner Specialist badge will help you to do exactly, boosting your deep-range shots from the baseline.



Being able to stay focused when you've got a defender in your line of sight can prove tricky, this is where the Deadeye badge comes in handy.

Deadeye helps you to remain tunnel visioned to the basket, reducing the impact of the defender when attempting a contested shot.

This will lead to many a clutch buzzer beater. Crucial for those who want to be the go-to man in the attacking formation.

Limitless Spot Up

Speaking of buzzer beaters, if you want to be the man to make the shot, then you will need to consider the Limitless Spot Up Badge.

This badge improves a player's ability to hit shots as soon as they catch the ball, which is imperative if you're looking to get a last second shot away from the inbound.

It will also come in handy when you've got a split second to hit an open shot before being closed down by a defender. It isn't awfully effective for those running as a big, but it is perfect for a wing or a guard.

Hot Zone Hunter

The Hot Zone Hunter was one of the most overpowered badges in NBA 2K21, and it remains so in 2K22.

Once the game understands where your favourite spots are, it will improve the shot percentage when attempting shots from those spots, which can make you almost unstoppable in the post.

If you have a particular spot that you feel comfortable shooting from then this is the badge for you.


Difficult Shots

The final badge that we are throwing into the mix is the Difficult Shots badge.

What this does, is improve your ability to shoot difficult shots off the dribble from mid range.

This will add a whole extra element to your game, making you increasingly difficult to defend against, particularly in The Park.

Chris Paul has made a living from nailing those difficult mid-range jumpers, and with the help of this badge, you can too!

All NBA 2K22 Shooting Badges

Badge Improves
BlindersMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Catch & ShootThree-Point Shot
ChefThree-Point Shot
Cirus ThreesThree-Point Shot
Clutch ShooterMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Corner SpecialistThree-Point Shot
DeadeyeThree-Point Shot
Difficult ShotsMid-Range Shot
Fade AceMid-Range Shot
Green MachineMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Hot Zone HunterMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Limitless Spot-UpThree-Point Shot
Lucky #7Mid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Mismatch ExpertMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Rhythm ShooterMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Set ShooterMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Slippery Off-BallMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
SniperMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot
Stop & PopThree-Point Shot
Volume ShooterMid-Range Shot or Three-Point Shot