Best NBA 2K22 Finishing Badges

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One of the finest things in NBA 2K22 is throwing down a monster slam dunk.

Now whilst you can earn your way to that by grinding your way through the various levels in MyCAREER, you can fast track your finishing ability by unlocking the different badges that are on offer.


Struggling to decide which is right for you? Well we've got you covered with our full breakdown of the best finishing badges to use in NBA 2K22.

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NBA 2K22 Finishing Badges

There are 20 different finishing badges that you can go and unlock, and we've worked through them in order to deliver what we believe to be the top five.

So, in no particular order, here are the five best finishing badges that you should go out and use in NBA 2K22.

Limitless Takeoff

We just couldn't help but select the Limitless Takeoff badge in our top five.

It's everything that it says on the tin, it's flashy, it's skilful and it'll make you the envy of your opposition. It allows you to begin your dunk/layup earlier than those who don't possess it too, making it extremely difficult to defend against.

It may not be one of the best in terms of the actual benefits that it provides to those who pick it up, but it is the best in terms of bringing out those highlight reel plays.

This is a badge that is most beneficial for those who are thinking of completing a slasher build.

Giant Slayer


If you're opting to run it through as a guard or a wing, then you simply must utilise the Giant Slayer badge.

Attempting to knock down a deep two or a corner three when contested can be incredibly difficult, especially if you've got a big power forward or centre standing in your way.

The Giant Slayer badge will help to ensure that your shooting technique isn't affecting too much by the defender in your eye-line. It doesn't guarantee that you will convert every shot, but it certainly increases your chances.


If you are prone to running that James Harden-esque drive to the basket, then the Acrobat badge is simply a must have.

This badge boosts the ability to make layups that have a high degree of difficulty, which is the majority of layups that you will attempt in the NBA.

Without this badge, you will struggle to consistently drain those contested shots at the board. You won't need this as a big or a wing, but if you're an aggressive guard, it's a necessity.

Fearless Finisher

Speaking of contested shots at the board, you should probably look into picking up the Fearless Finisher badge.

Without this, you will struggle to convert many - if any - of the contact layups that you contest, as your AI will be bullied by the opposition.

There's not too much that needs to be said about this one, it's a very, VERY important badge to grind for.


Backdown Punisher

The final of the five that we think you should look to grind for is the Backdown Punisher badge.

The majority of defenders that you come up against in the NBA are going to be stronger than you, and without the Backdown Punisher badge, you will be bullied out of possession.

If you unlock the HOF version of the Backdown Punisher badge, then it is literally impossible for a maximum-strength player to be denied an opportunity at the rim, regardless of who is defending (that's right Rudy Gobert, that includes you).

If you're running your career as a big, this is the most important badge to have, as it will guarantee you dunk, after dunk, after dunk.

All Finishing Badges

Badge Improves
AcrobatDriving Layup
Backdown PunisherPost Control
Dream ShakePost Control
DropstepperPost Control
Fast TwitchClose Shot or Standing Dunk
Fearless FinisherDriving Layup
Giant SlayerClose Shot or Driving Layup
Grace Under PressureClose Shot
Hook SpecialistClose Shot
Limitless TakeoffDriving Dunk
Lob City FinisherDriving Dunk or Standing Dunk
Mouse in the HouseClose Shot or Driving Layup
Post Spin TechnicianPost Control
PosterizerDriving Dunk or Standing Dunk
Pro TouchClose Shot or Driving Layup
Putback BossClose Shot, Driving Dunk or Standing Dunk
Rise UpStanding Dunk
Slithery FinisherDriving Layup or Driving Dunk
Tear DropperDriving Layup
UnstrippableDriving Layup, Driving Dunk or Standing Dunk