NBA 2K22: Best Agent To Sign With In MyCAREER

NBA 2K22 is in full flow, with the newly renovated basketball title proving a hit with NBA fans.

A host of classic modes have returned for another 12 month stint, including the fan favourite MyCAREER, which provides gamers with a tricky decision right from the get-go.

That question is which agent should you sign with? Let us help you decide.

Which Agency Should You Choose

As always, there are a number of different agencies vying for your signature, with each offering a range of pros and cons.

It's not quite as black and white as it has been in previous years though, with a range of information unlocked as you progress through your time in the NBA.

But for starters, it's a choice between Palmer Athletic Agency and Barry & Associates.

Here are the pros and cons for both.

Palmer Athletic Agency

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Palmer Athletic Agency are all about making you an NBA star. Your sporting career is the clear focus with PAA.

In order to allow you full focus on the court, PAA will deal with all of your off-court decisions should you choose to sign for them.

PAA are a well established agency in the 2K NBA world, with their current mantra including a heavy focus on their position as the only female-operated agency in the NBA. Being the front figure for such an agency could do wonders for your public image.

If your sole focus is success on the court, then this could be the agency for you.

Although, if you're wanting a say in how you're off the court life is ran, then you will struggle to get a word in edgewise with Palmer Athletic Agency.

Barry & Associates

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The alternative to PAA is to sign a deal with Barry & Associates.

BAA are the polar opposite to PAA, with the firm focusing on your life off the court, primarily in music and fashion. It's all about branding with Barry & Associates.

Performing on the court won't do you any harm, but in order to make the big bucks with this firm, you will have to do the dirty work off the court to make your name as a successful influencer.

Endorsement deals are the key to a lucrative financial career with BAA. So if you're looking to earn as much money as possible, then this could be the choice for you.


Call us old-fashioned, but we are all about the ball.

Palmer Athletic Agency will help you get to the top of the NBA much quicker than Barry & Associates will, whilst you will also be able to save a heap of time in ignoring the off the court distractions.

Barry & Associates are just a little too adventurous for us.

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