All NBA 2K22 Season 3 Rewards For MyTEAM & MyCAREER

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Season 3 has landed in NBA 2K22.

And as always, a brand new season means a brand new set of rewards are available to go and hunt for, 40 levels worth to be exact.


For those who are looking to complete the objectives in order to secure the biggest rewards of the Season 3: Iced Out campaign, here is everything you need to know.

NBA 2K22 Season 3 End Date

Season 2 of the NBA 2K22 campaign went live on Friday, December 3rd 2021.

As is the case with all the seasons that will feature this year, it will run for six weeks in total, which leaves an expiry date of Friday, January 14th 2021.


ALL NBA 2K22 Season 3 Rewards

So what is up for grabs this season?

MyTEAM Rewards

For those who enjoy the grind required to create the best sides in MyTEAM, here is what you can unlock:

Level Reward Required XP
1Onyx George Gervin0
2Slasher Badge Pack350
31 Token430
4Gold Shoe Pack520
6Base '22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack740
7Gold Hamidou Diallo890
83 Tokens1075
9Guess Cleaner Badge Pack1300
10 Season 3 Ball1550
12Post Scorer Badge Pack2230
13Emerald Kurt Rambis2680
14Standard '22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack3200
15Lockdown Defender Badge Pack3850
165 Tokens4620
17Standard '22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack5540
18Shot Creator Badge Pack6500
20Sapphire Reggie Jackson9190
21Rim Protector Badge Pack10560
23Standard '22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack13970
24Ruby Deshawn Stevenson16060
2510 Tokens18470
27Sharpshooter Badge Pack21250
28Amethyst Doug Collins28100
29Deluxe '22 NBA: Series 1 Award Pack32300
31Mystic Deluxe Award Pack41600
32Diamond Shoe Pack47140
33Diamond C.J. McCollum55640
3430 Tokens65000
35Diamond Consumables Pack75000
37Diamond Contract Pack99000
38Iced Out Diamond Shoe Boost Pack114000
39Iced Out HOF Badge Option Pack131000
40Galaxy Opal Allen Iverson150000

MyCAREER Rewards

The second area to explore in Season 3 is the MyCAREER rewards, which are as follows:

Level Required XP Required XP
1Breast Cancer Awareness T-shirt0
2Season 2 Build your Empire Ball350
3Player Indicator430
4NBA Current Series 1 Base League Pack520
5New Banner Options620
6NBA 75th Anniversary T-shirt740
7Green Release Animation890
8Season 2 Emotes1075
9Double XP (30 minutes)1300
10Build your Empire T-shirt & Medallion1550
11Gatorade Boost (5 Games)1850
12Season 2 Emotes2230
13New Banner Options2680
142K Breakthrough Gear3200
15Player Indicator3850
16Gatorade Boost (5 Games)4620
17Double XP (1 Hour)5540
18Sapphire 85 OVR Michael Jordan6500
19New Banner Options 7860
20Season 2 Emotes9190
21Park After Dark 2K Wizard Hat10560
22Skill Boosts (10 Games)12150
232K Breakthrough Gear13970
24Two MyTEAM Promo Packs & 3 Tokens16060
25Season 2 Emotes18470
26Enhanced Daily Rewards21250
27New Banner Options24430
28Double XP (1 Hour)28100
29Build Your Empire Top Hat32300
30Gold Trike Vehicle36740
312K Breakthrough Gear41600
32Double XP (2 Hours)47140
33Gatorade Boosts (10 Games)55640
34New Banner Options65000
35PUMA LaMelo MB.01 Shoes75000
36MyTEAM Base Set Amethyst Player86000
37Build Your Empire Suit99000
38Double XP (2 Hours)114000
39+1 Badge Point131000
40Skeleton Mascot150000

NBA 2K22 Season 3 Locker Codes

And, as always, there are a host of items that you can pick up for free via the Locker Code market.


What is a Locker Code you ask? Locker Codes are essentially strings of text-based codes that you can enter into the game in exchange for rewards you can use in MyTeam mode. The rewards come in many different forms, including Packs, Tokens, Players, MT, and more.

For all the information you need on NBA 2K22's Locker Codes, including all the active codes that you can redeem right now, head over to our Locker Code Hub.