NBA 2K22 Rebirth Quest: How To Unlock On Next-Gen & Current-Gen In Season 2

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Season 2 of NBA 2K22 will begin tomorrow, which means there is a whole new host of features heading to the basketball sim.

Included within the new additions is a number of new quests, which will grant you a range of different rewards that can be used to enhance your NBA 2K experience.

Perhaps the most exciting of the bunch is a quest entitled 'Rebirth' which looks set to be a game changer for those who enjoy the MyCAREER mode.

Here is everything you need to know.

What is Rebirth?

Rebirth is a brand new quest that will be coming in Season 2, one which will allow you to fast track your way to the higher ratings in MyCAREER, well kind of.

You'll have to work your way to a 90 OVR in your first MyCAREER save, and when you've done so you will be able to head to the ATM by the NBA Store in order to pick up the Rebirth quest and unlock all the rewards that come with it.

How To Complete The NBA 2K22 Rebirth Quests

The quests differ slightly depending on whether you play on a current-gen console or a next-gen console, with the benefits slightly different too.

Let's break them down for you.

Next-Gen Rebirth Quests

For those playing on the PS5, Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S, you will have to activate the quest and then complete 10 games in either the 3v3 or 2v2 format.

Current-Gen Rebirth Quests

Meanwhile, if you are a current-gen player (PS4 or Xbox One) you will have to complete 10 3v3 games with the quest active.

NBA 2K22 Rebirth Benefits

So now for the big part, what are the benefits of completing the Rebirth quests?

Well again, they differ slightly depending on your platform, but it's safe to say that whether you're a next-gen player or a current-gen player, you will be satisfied with the rewards up for grabs.

Rebirth Next-Gen Benefits

  • 30 Badge Points
  • Access to 90 OVR immediately

Rebirth Current-Gen Benefits

  • 20 Badge Points
  • Skip 10 pre-completed MP levels

So as you can see, when you've got the Rebirth quest completed, you can then begin each of your MyCAREER saves with a head start on the rest of the pack.

Next-Gen players can begin their save as a 90 OVR, whilst current-gen players can skip the first 10 pre-completed MP levels, which has a similar effect as the Next-Gen benefits anyway.

This means you'll easily be able to build as many players as you want, without having to grind through to the higher levels, allowing you to mix and match with position and badges etcetera until you find the one that is right for you.

NBA 2K22 Rebirth Quest Not Working?

There have been reports that the Rebirth quest is not working for those attempting to complete it. Whilst this is frustrating, it is somewhat understandable given the fact that the Rebirth quest isn't actually supposed to be available yet!

Which leads onto our next section...


NBA 2K22 Rebirth Release Date

The release date of the quest is up for debate.

It was initially understood that the Rebirth quest would go live as part of the Season 2 launch - as detailed in the Season 2 Launch Courtside Report - but as highlighted on social media, it appears some users already have access to the quest.

It looks as though this is an issue on 2K's end, who may have accidentally hit the launch button a little sooner than they were supposed to, but with Season 2 launching tomorrow, you won't have long to wait!

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