How To Get Free VC in NBA 2K22

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Microtransactions are one of the most controversial topics within the gaming world.

On the one hand, it allows people to increase their chances of success without having any detrimental effect on the opposition.

But on the other, it takes away the natural competition that you find within gaming, allowing players to pay-to-win rather than playing to win. This has caused much debate within the NBA 2K titles over recent years.

VC is easy to obtain for those who are willing to pay for it, but for those for who would rather earn their success, here is how to pick up that virtual currency without spending a penny of your hard earned cash.

What is VC?

We're touched upon it briefly already, but VC stands for virtual currency, which can be spent in-game on a number of different items.

VC can be accumulated in two ways, the first is by completing challenges or tasks set by the developers at 2KSports (which we will run you through later in this article).

There is also the option to spend real money on VC, which will accelerate the time it takes to pick up those higher-priced items. You can spent as little as £1.69 (5,000 VC) or as much as £79.99 (450,000 VC).

You can then spend your currency on items from the in-game store, which includes:

  • MyPLAYER Attributes
  • Virtual Goods
  • Apparel
  • Animation Packages

How To Get VC For Free

So for those of you looking to do it the old-fashioned way, here are all the different ways in which you can unlock VC in NBA 2K22.

Login Daily

The easiest way to unlock VC is simple, just play the game!

Bu doing so you'll be able to collect a Daily Reward from your Affiliation's statue in the City. There is no guaranteeing that VC will be the prize within gift that you select, but it won't cost you a penny regardless.

Play Ball

And whilst you're there, why not play some NBA 2K, it's the reason you bought the game after all.

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Whether you are balling out in MyCareer, dropping some hoops in the City or battling for those championship rings in MyNBA, you'll be earning VC just for getting involved.

Watch NBA 2KTV

We've all seen it, and we've all skipped past it, but by watching NBA 2KTV you could actually unlock yourself some free virtual currency.

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You simply have to interact with the interactive elements found within each episode. Place your vote and voila, you have your VC reward ready and waiting for you.


For many, VC is spent on bettering yourself in MyCAREER.

But rather than fast tracking your way to the top, we recommend you start from the bottom to improve your value and therefore, earn yourself more money from your contracts.

If you can raise your draft projection to a number one pick then you will guarantee yourself a salary of 750 VC per game, which is much higher than those coming out of the second-round selections.

You can also earn VC by signing endorsement deals throughout the course of your MyCareer, so be sure to keep your public image high in order to secure the most lucrative deals when the time is right.

Complete Quests


The team at 2K Sports like to keep players on their toes by handing you quests to complete throughout each season.

There is plenty to complete throughout the course of the seasonal campaign, with some lasting longer than others. The rewards for each quest are listed on the quest home screen, with the vast majority granting VC-related rewards.

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And don't forget, whoever wins the Race of the Week will be handed a whopping 1,000,000 VC. Time is of the essence ladies and gentlemen.

Locker Codes

And finally, let's not forget about those classic NBA 2K22 locker codes.

The team at 2KSports drop locker codes sporadically throughout the course of the week, which when redeemed can grant you access to a host of different rewards, including VC.

To make your life that little bit easier, we have compiled a list of all the active NBA 2K22 Locker Codes, which can be found right here.

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