NBA 2K22: How To Fix The Squad Invite Issue

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NBA 2K22 was released globally this week, giving fans the most immersive and in-depth NBA experience yet.

2K22 was launched on both last-gen and next-gen platforms but, it seems like certain players are unable to squad up with other players and party members. If you're having trouble, we'll go through a simple fix that addresses this problem.


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NBA 2K22: How To Fix The Squad Invite Issue

Squad Invite Problem

Players can team up with other players through NBA 2K22's MyCareer mode. Users can do so by sending and receiving invites, allowing NBA fans to form a squad with friends.


But when certain users send invites, the corresponding player may not receive the invite so they are unable to accept it. Thus, making it impossible for players to squad up.

How To Resolve

There is a temporary quick fix whereby which, players need to keep sending invites to the other player over and over again.

This may result in spamming invites, but it is one of the only ways to guarantee your invitations go through.


Status On Patches

Visual Concepts, NBA 2K22's developer, has yet to acknowledge the problem. Because of this, no official patch has been planned for release. We will update you on any progress.