Naraka Bladepoint: How To Counterattack Strikes

Naraka: Bladepoint offers a defensive option for players to stop one of the most powerful attacks in the game. Counterattacking is a direct answer to Charged Attacks as the parry deflects the attack and opening their foe for a reversal blow. Here's how you can do the counter attack in this game.

How To Counterattack Strikes

As taught in Naraka: Bladepoint's tutorials, the Counterattack parry can be done by pressing both the Left and Right Click at the same time. If done right, their character will flash red and block using their weapon. Players will need to time this move right at the moment where a Blue attack will land on their character.

This move can only be performed when holding any melee weapon. Trying to counterattack with ranged weapons or while unarmed will not work.

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Read Your Foe

Simply spamming counterattacks will not work on most foes as it is a move that is vulnerable to any other attack other than Blue strikes. These specific Blue strikes can be Charged attacks or the final hit of a weapon's combo. Get a feel of when these strikes will land and pop your counterattack in front of it.

If done correctly, the enemy will stagger and will get disarmed. Every weapon has a counterattack specific combo which can be done with left click after landing a successful parry. If there is still space in the player's weapon bag, guarding the weapon or picking up the enemy's weapon is a viable tactic to keep the momentum against your foe.

Crouch For Consistency

At times, the openings for counterattacks happens when you're about to throw an attack of your own. If aiming to parry the blue attack instead, press C to crouch to stop your character's action and input the counterattack move right away. Crouch cancelling is a confirmed system and can be done to cancel any attack to do something else.

If done right, their character will bob and weave to the side and the player can do other actions after that. Additionally, crouching before doing a counterattack makes the parry consistent rather than just waiting for every move to end before trying to counterattack. However, be careful as some moves cannot be crouch cancelled.

If aiming to practice counterattacking, the training dummy in the Free Training mode has settings for counterattacking specific weapons in the game.

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