Multiversus Season 1 - release date, characters, and new modes

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multiversus, season 1
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August 12, 2022: We have finally seen confirmation of when the next season will arrive. You can check out the original Tweet right here.

Warner Bros' surprising hit game is nearing its full release, with the first Season coming soon. Here's what we know about Multiversus Season 1, and what will be coming with it.


The first season promises a whole host of updates, including new characters, cosmetics, and even some new modes. There are likely to be even more additions down the line; we might see a new stage and other fighters being released!

To get the best performance out of your character, here are the best perks in Multiversus that you can equip. And, here's our tier list for you to choose who to main. If you're not sure where to start, here's how to play 1v1, and how to taunt other players.

When is the Multiversus Season 1 release date?


Season 1 of Multiversus was slated to begin around August 8, but has unfortunately been delayed. We know now it is finally launching on August 15. This being said, the content will be spaced out over weeks, with Morty arriving on August 23.

New characters coming in Multiversus Season 1

Warner Bros. has promised more characters are coming to Season 1, and that's on top of the long-rumoured Rick and Morty - who are now confirmed! The two will be separate units. We currently don't know if they will become available at the same time, but judging by Multiversus' official tweets, it seems like Morty may come first.

Their reveal as the next playable characters comes just after the release of the Cromulons Map, based on the iconic episode 'Get Schwifty'.


Are there new game modes in Multiversus Season 1?

Multiversus season 1 snapshot

Multiversus has officially confirmed that two new game modes will release in Season 1: Ranked mode will be unlocked, along with the addition of Classic Arcade mode.


According to leaks, the Arcade mode will be available as single player, or teams of two. It will likely be against the AI, and will grow in difficulty with each stage.

Along with new characters and modes, there will be plenty of new cosmetics to get your hands on, too, such as icons, banners, and new variants of existing characters. LeBron seems to be getting a classic comic book-inspired Robin skin!