The deadliest Nightwolf combo cuts 97% health in Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

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I like ComboGodGaming because he's way better at Mortal Kombat 11 than I am. The Mortal Kombat lore deems Nightwolf as a badass who should be able to unleash devastating combos. ComboGodGaming found a combo worthy of Nightwolf's power.

Mortal Kombat combos that reach these damage percentages sacrifice realism. While this combo is definitely doable in tournaments, it is not easy or practical. The point of the combo is to be creative, but it can only be performed against characters whose projectiles can cause this much damage.

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Nightwolf's reflect is not the only prerequisite. It also has some other requirements like the character it can be used against and the arena. ComboGodGaming, for example, prefers to use Mortal Kombat arenas exclusively for combos and uses them heavily.

Mortal Kombat Nightwolf combo

The attack begins by reflecting two shots from Noob Saibot using Nightwolf's reflect. Then Nightwolf teleports past Noob and beats him down. It is not one of those Mortal Kombat combos that look like one move after another, like the terminator combo. As it stands, it seems like Nightwolf was sending whatever he had out whenever he was ready instead of one cohesive ultra-combo.

In one of the longest juggles I've ever seen, Nightwolf launches his opponent up and keeps him there. Nightwolf even does a side switch followed by corner juggles. A lot of things happened so quickly, and it was hard to keep track of everything.

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Eventually, Nightwolf pulls off a Fatal Blow that reveals the whole mess was only a 19-hit combo. For all that happened, it caused 974.2 total damage against Noob Saibot despite having incredibly few hits.


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I'm afraid this Mortal Kombat combo is no match to Kotal Kahn's, which is the best. Yet, this is still devastating and almost a completely unstoppable game-ender.

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