Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate Player Discovers A 100% Combo With Johnny Cage

Johnny Cage is a character that is used often in Mortal Kombat 11. It is no surprise because the character has been around since the first game, which comes with many benefits. One is that he has improved in every way possible, and two is that the developers made sure he was more of a general character than a specialty one.

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Fans also favor Johnny Cage because he's a favorite character. He boasts about his greatness with a snarky attitude, which is understandable considering he fights literal gods. It is fitting that a combo like this would be associated with Johnny Cage.

Johnny Cage's game-ending combo

On his latest video upload, Lamarryl K demonstrates how to use Johnny Cage with excellent efficiency. In addition to his use of deadly rushdown options, Johnny Cage has access to some impressive damage. Johnny Cage can reach over 100% damage (against most characters) by using multiple Krushing Blows, a Fatal Blow cancellation, and interactable elements from the Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly stage.

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The Fatal Blow that Johnny Cage summons can actually be aborted, similarly to Joker. Combined with this unique Fatal Blow option, two combo strings can be linked together that are normally unlinkable. Johnny Cage cancels the Fatal Blow in the video at the beginning of the combo.

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Thanks to the sunglasses Krushing Blow and the camera Krushing Blow, Johnny Cage can keep the combo going for an extended period of time. In addition to those from the Cyber Lin Kuei Assembly stage, smoke and ice bombs feature in this combo. Near the end of the combo, the Fatal Blow cooldown finishes, allowing Johnny Cage to put in some real punishment.

To achieve this level of damage, an opponent must perform a poorly timed combo break just before being struck by the Fatal Blow. Consequently, combo scaling will have less impact on the damage of Fatal Blow. This video above shows three versions of Lamarryl K's combo with each performing a more damaging attack than the last.

Mortal Kombat combos can't compete with Kotal Kahn's combo, which is the best. However, this is still a devastating blow and will end a game quickly.

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