Monster Hunter Stories 2 Problems Will Be Addressed In Future Updates

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Following Monster Hunter Stories 2's successful launch, Capcom has already laid out a detailed expansions roadmap for the sequel.

But players have reported various bugs that have hindered their experience of this installment. And it seems as though the Japanese publisher has listened to these concerns and assured fans that fixes are on the way.

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Future updates will settle Wings of Ruin's bugs

Despite the release of a day-one patch and Update 1.1.0 last week, Capcom has confirmed the existence of certain gameplay obstacles:

The main issues being addressed include:

The story's final cutscene stops playing for some players.
When a Monstie's element changes, their body color changes while out in the field but nowhere else.
The following message appears when accessing multiplayer functions: "Corrupt data has been found. You cannot accept this quest."
A Lv. 99 Battle Buddy and their Lv. 99 Monstie will revert to Lv. 1 because of a certain condition.

The full patch notes provide advice on how to avoid these disputes ahead of the forthcoming update.

The fantasy fable also saw the release of Monster Hunter Rise earlier this year, which also has an in-depth roadmap. While both a live-action adaptation was released and an impending Netlfix animated film based on the series will be available in August.

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