Can You Play Monster Hunter Stories 2 Offline?

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin is looking like a superior sequel to the already good Monster Hunter Stories from the 3DS and mobile, with prettier graphics, online co-op, and so much more. However, due to the reputation of other Monster Hunter games, fans are wondering if Monster Hunter Stories 2 can be played offline, especially with Nintendo and Capcom hyping up all the online features.

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Can You Play Monster Hunter Stories 2 Offline?

Fans need not worry as you can play Monster Hunter Stories 2 offline so if you just want a solid single-player experience and don’t want to play with other people, you don’t have to go online. That being said, players will probably want their Nintendo Switch or PC online when playing Monster Hunter Stories 2 since additional quests and monsters will be added via some free updates.

Luckily, you can play all of these offline after downloading the updates so if you’re hoping for some fun single-player gameplay with Monster Hunter Stories 2, the online won’t be a hindrance whatsoever. Since this is a Monster Hunter game, expect plenty of free updates from Capcom if this does well similar to Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter World.

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A Rider Activates the Kinship Stone in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Holding it up to the camera, Blue light shines out in all directions from the bracelet it is housed in.

How to Go Offline

There isn't really a dedicated Offline Mode in MH Stories 2, but the game will work perfectly fine if you don't have internet connection. You can always go into the Switch settings to turn off your internet connection if you wish.

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