Monster Hunter Stories 2: Where to Find Shakalaka Material

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Shakalaka Material is needed to forge armour like the Zinogre Set in Monster Hunter Stories 2. Problem is, these crafty creatures are extremely difficult to find, as you'll need to be a fair way into the story to have them start popping up. In this guide we'll explain where to find Shakalaka, so that you can get crafting materials for late-game armour sets. Let's start looking.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: Where to Find Shakalaka Material

To find Shakalaka in Monster Hunter Stories 2 you'll need to head to the Terga Region. This is the volcanic area found later in the game. Once you're there, head for Monster Dens in the Terga Volcano Base. It's useful to have a Monstie with the Monster Search action, the Zamtrios is a good pick here. Trigger this and look for small camouflaged monsters. There will be plenty to find in this area. The Shakalaka is a weak monster that won't pose too much trouble. This means you can farm them over and over to get the materials you need.

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Shakalaka Material

To get Shakalaka Material you will need to defeat the Shakalaka monsters in the Terga region. You'll get a few items per battle, and can keep heading into monster dens to farm. These items are primarily used to craft the Zinogre Armour.

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