Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Get Raw Meat and Cook It

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Raw Meat can be found all over the world of Monster Hunter Stories 2, dropped from low-level monsters after you've defeated them. Things work a little differently to the main series from this point on, as you can't just pull out a BBQ Spit and cook meat on the fly. Instead you'll need to rely on subquests and rewards to turn Raw Meat into Well-Done Steak and Quality food. Here's where to find Raw Meat, and what to do with it if you want to cook it.

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Monster Hunter Stories 2: How to Get Raw Meat

To get Raw Meat you will need to defeat certain Monsters in battle, causing them to drop it as a reward. the three main targets here are Aptonoh, Bullfango and Larinoth. Here's where to find each one:

  • Aptonoh - Can be found grazing in North Kamuna Cape. You can see a screenshot of an Aptonoh below
  • Bullfango - Found in various Everdens. Specifically, head to the Great Ratha area of Kamuna Cape. You can also find them in all areas of Hakolo Island.
  • Larinoth - Larinoth are easier to find, given how large they are. Head to the North Kamuna Cape and look for large brachiosaurus-looking monsters. They have long necks, and can be found all over this region.

An Aptonoh in Monster Hunter Stories 2

All you need to do is defeat these monsters in battle and they will drop Raw Meat. They may also drop Quality Meat occasionally.

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Handing in Raw Meat into the High Stakes quest at the Quest Board

How to Cook Meat

In other MH games you can cook meat using a Spit or grill. This isn't the case in Stories 2, and you'll need to hand Raw Meat into quests for cooked rewards. Check the Quest Board, one quest is called High Stakes: Gourmet Steak. In quests like this you can hand in Raw Meat and other ingredients to get cooked items. This is the only way to get cooked items like Steak from Raw Meat currently.

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