Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 Coming To Xbox or Gamepass

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Monster Hunter Stories 2 has just released a demo for the game and if you're wondering, you can transfer your progress over. But the demo isn't available to everyone, with only Nintendo Switch players able to download the game's demo. Some players on console might be wondering if they'll ever get the chance to play the game. So will this new spinoff title be arriving on the Microsoft platform anytime soon? Will it come to game pass, just like every other game is these days. Let's find out.

Coming To Xbox?

As of now, Capcom is only lining up Monster Hunter Stories 2 on Nintendo Switch and PC for release. Nintendo Switch gets the game this month on June 25 via the demo. Meanwhile, PC players can get their hands on this on July 9. For Xbox, Capcom has no announcements if it’ll be released on the Xbox One and new Xbox Series consoles. Fans won’t be expecting any Monster Hunter titles on this platform.

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Coming to Game Pass

Previously, the Xbox platform also got Monster Hunter World for Xbox One last 2018. Similar to its PlayStation version, Monster Hunter World players on Xbox enjoyed the console exclusivity before the title was released on PC later that year.

Additionally, Monster Hunter World was added on the Xbox Game Pass as one of its titles. However, the game is about to leave the platform in July. When games leave the Xbox Game Pass, players subscribed to the platform can’t play it through the platform anymore.

Could we see Monster Hunter Stories come to game pass in the future? Maybe, but it seems contingent on the game coming to the platform first and foremost and right now, there's no word on the game heading to Xbox consoles.

Hope For The Future


As of now, Capcom has no announcements on a new Monster Hunter title outside Nintendo Switch and PC. However, Capcom is known to listen to its fans after it has changed its focus on developing games moving forward. Potentially, Xbox fans could be vocal about getting a new Monster Hunter to get one soon.

Looking at the new upcoming title, Monster Hunter Stories 2 will likely stay on its two platforms up unless it is massively successful and drums up a big fan uproar to get in on a different console.

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