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Is Monster Hunter Stories 2 Coming To PS4/PS5

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is about to be released on Nintendo Switch soon. So far, the game is only going to be released for a few platforms only. Will the title be coming to PS4 and PS5

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Two Platforms So Far

As of now, Monster Hunter Stories 2 is confirmed only for Nintendo Switch and PC. It’ll be released on the Nintendo console this coming June 25. Meanwhile, PC will have this game next month on July 9.

Both of Sony’s consoles, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 have yet to get an announcement if it’ll get released for them too.

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Later Release Chances

For the previous Monster Hunter titles, Capcom actually opts to release the game on other platforms outside of one console. Monster Hunter World was released for the PS4 in January 2018. Later in the same year, Capcom released the PC version in Steam on August 2018.


Potentially, PS4 and PS5 could get Monster Hunter Stories 2 if the fans get vocal about it. However, the Monster Hunter Stories spinoffs have been exclusive to portable platforms such as the Nintendo 3DS, Android, and iOS.

Throughout the years, Capcom has never shown any teases or interest on putting these spinoffs on the PlayStation platform.

Monster Hunter Releases Soon

Later this year, Monster Hunter Rise is slated to be released on PC by early 2022. No new Monster Hunter title has been confirmed for the Sony platform as of now. The last Monster Hunter release on Sony’s console was the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World released last 2019.

For now, PlayStation fans looking for Monster Hunter Stories 2 or any other title from the series will have to wait for more information throughout the remaining months of 2021.