Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Launches on June 30

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After months of waiting, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will launch for Nintendo Switch and PC on June 30. Revealed during a special digital event, that significantly detailed the new features we can expect within this expansion.

Packing lots of new things for players to tackle, Sunbreak offers a new story, hub, and the "Three Lords" that'll keep us busy. Alongside this release date, Capcom has confirmed that there will be three new Amiibo for the Switch version of the game, which unlock new armour sets.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Launches on June 30

Like Monster Hunter World: Iceborne before it, Capcom is releasing a bundle that packs Rise with Sunbreak from the get-go for newer players. Naturally, those who've already bought Monster Hunter Rise can purchase Sunbreak separately as DLC.

Pre-orders for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are available later today, though right now, we don't have a confirmed price. Sunbreak goes on sale on June 30, 2022, while the base Monster Hunter Rise is available now on Switch and Steam. We'll keep you informed with further Monster Hunter news as it comes in.

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