Monster Hunter's Online Orchestra Returns On September 28

Capcom's announced the Monster Hunter Orchestra Concert is back for 2021. Having hosted concerts annually since 2014, that'll feature a selection of music from the wider series, including from Monster Hunter Rise. Ryozo Tsujimoto, Monster Hunter's producer, is also giving a speech.

According to Capcom, this'll feature "a powerful combination of video visuals featuring beloved characters and monsters" from across the long-running series. Much like last year's orchestra, 2021's will also be online-only thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Monster Hunter Orchestra Returns On September 28

As with previous years, that's once again being helmed by maestro Hirofumi Kurita, leading the Tokyo Philharmonic with several guests. That includes Momoka Enomoto, Sho Asano, Izumi Kato, Hideki Ishigaki and Daisuke Miyazaki, each performing different instruments.

That's being held on September 28, going live at 3am PT / 6am EST / 11am BST / Noon CEST / 7pm JST. Tickets will cost ¥3,000 (£20 or $28 USD) and you can pick those up now. If you're not able to see it on the day, then fear not. Capcom's confirmed Video-on-demand streaming goes live on October 11 too.

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