Monster Hunter Rise Wisplanterns: Where to Farm Wisplantern

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Monster Hunter Rise throws a lot at you from the get-go. Not only is there a huge variety of monsters to take on, there's also literally hundreds of resources to track down so that you can craft new gear. One such item is Wisplanterns, which can only be found in certain areas of the game. In this guide we'll be taking a look at the Wisplantern locations in Monster Hunter Rise.


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MH Rise Wisplantern Locations

To get Wisplanterns in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to head on a High Rank mission to the Shrine Ruins. We recommend taking on a High Rank Expedition Tour from the Hub area. Once you're there, look for Shimmering Red Berry spots. We've marked them on the map below. Just interact with these spots and you'll get Wisplantern, along with some other rare items.


A map of the Shrine Ruins in Monster Hunter Rise showing the location of Shimmering Red Berry spots used to farm Wisplanterns
Check out the orange question marks on the map

Farming Wisplanterns

The easiest way to farm Wisplanterns in MH Rise is to head out on a High Rank Expedition Tour to the Shrine Ruins. Eat the Rasin d'etre Bunny Dango before going and hit up the spots on the map shown above.


That's where to get Wisplanterns in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on how Palamute Scrolls work. Elsewhere there's our look at weapon Sharpness.