Monster Hunter Rise: Wind Serpent Ibushi Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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Wind Serpent Ibushi is one of the ultimate threats of Monster Hunter Rise, a vast dragon who leads the rampage attacks to destroy Kamura. Here we’ll show you Wind Serpent Ibushi’s weaknesses, its strengths, and the best strategy on how to beat it.

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How to Beat Wind Serpent Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Wind Serpent Ibushi in Monster Hunter Rise, you’ll need to master repelling Rampages and fortifying your defenses, for as far as we know, Ibushi only shows up as the final boss of Rampage missions. We’ll go into how to beat it below, starting with its weaknesses.

Wind Serpent Ibushi Weaknesses

Despite being so powerful, Ibushi doesn’t actually have many immunities or resistances, and several weaknesses to pick from. Here they are, in descending order of effectiveness.

  • Dragon (3)
  • Fire (2)
  • Water (1)

Set these up on your weapons if you can, especially Dragon. It could make all the difference for Kamura’s survival.

Wind Serpent Ibushi Strategy and Tips

Being a Rampage boss, you’ll also have to have a specific strategy for your weapon and installation placements, as Ibushi can’t be beaten unless you know what you’re doing on both accounts. With that in mind, we’ve set up a strategy split into two parts - how you set up the environment, and what you do in combat.

Preparing Your Installations/Weapon Placements

  • The Splitting Wyvernshot does massive damage, use it where you can! Just be careful, as it’s one of the few weapons that can seemingly damage the player as well.
  • Place Wyvernfire Installations by the gate, these do big damage to Ibushi and it’s where it’ll spend most of its time.
  • Don’t use your special characters until Ibushi actually shows up. Once it does, hit it with all of them as fast as possible for maximum damage.
  • Have cannons set up around the arena for maximum coverage. No matter where Ibushi is, you’ll want to be able to shoot at it.
  • Place any bombs you have at the door for extra damage.
  • Try putting down bait further back with a ring of defenders watching it, so as to delay and injure Ibushi as it heads for the door.

Monster Hunter Rise Wind Serpent Ibushi Weaknesses
Installations and environmental advantages like the Counter Signal are vital to beating Ibushi.


  • Aside from its weaknesses, Ibushi is resistant to Thunder and Ice damage. Don’t use these if you can help it.
  • Ibushi’s attacks do Dragon damage, with the Dragonblight effect. Wear armour to counter this, and if Dragonblight afflicts you, eat a Nullberry.
  • Stick to using installations while you can, as cannons and mounted weapons will do more damage than your handheld ones.
  • The exception is when the Counter Signal goes off - when it does, leap into the fray and give everything you got!
  • Ibushi favours slow, arcing, wide-reaching attacks. Try and stay on the higher platforms when you can, and be ready to wirebug straight up in an instant.
  • Use the Dragonator wherever you can for some free damage.
  • Try using the Power Kiln whenever possible. The Wyvernshot does so much damage you want it to recharge ASAP.
  • Ibushi has a few high-power moves, with specific counters.
    • Rock Throw: Ibushi levitates boulders around it, then sends them flying at the Gate for massive damage. You can either shoot the rocks with installations to destroy them before Ibushi throws them, or pour damage into Ibushi to stagger it and cancel the attack.
    • Updrafts: Ibushi slams a hand to the ground, creating multiple tornadoes that throw players upwards. Wirebug out of them or risk getting hit by a follow-up attack.
    • Shockwave: Ibushi puts both arms to the ground and creates a massive concussive blast ahead of it that can one-shot many players and destroy installations. Strafe to the side with your wirebug, and rebuild any important turrets when you get the chance.
    • Mouth Beam: Ibushi inhales and fires a beam of energy from its mouth which it sweeps in a circle. Usually being a platform will keep you above the attack, but if you’re not certain, wirebug straight up or keep moving as fast as possible around Ibushi.

Wind-Serpent Ibushi Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Ibushi’s parts are used to make a small selection of powerful melee “Azure” weapons, usually focused around incredibly high sharpness and inflicting Dragon damage, good weapons for long-lasting boss fights. The only armour set you can make with it is the incredibly Ibushi set, which focuses on raw defense and a huge range of skills, mostly focused around boosting damage and aerial control. However, when you have all five pieces equipped, you get something called “Fortunate,” which mirrors the “Good Luck” skill, thus boosting the chance of getting rewards at the end of the quest.

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