Monster Hunter Rise Volvidon: Weaknesses, Parts and Tips on Defeating It

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The Volvidon likes to roll up into a ball and bounce around its fiery surroundings in Monster Hunter Rise. You'll want to prepare well for this fight, as its rock-hard shell can be difficult to break through. Any edge you can get over the Volvidon will be key to success, which is why we've put together this guide on its weaknesses, ailments and parts.

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Monster Hunter Rise Volvidon Weaknesses

The Volvidon's main weakness is water. You can also go with Ice instead, but this won't do as much damage. In terms of weak parts you'll want to aim for the head and upper half. The back is also good for damage, but is likely to start deflecting attacks if you lose sharpness with a blade.

The hunters notes section in Monster Hunter Rise showing the damage values for each part of the Volvidon
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If you're looking to inflict an ailment onto Volvidon you'll want to try Waterblight, stun or blast. Its tongue can paralyse you if it hits you, so be sure to doge it. Volvidon can also inflict Stench, so you'll need to bring Deodorant.


Here are all of the Parts you can get from Volvidon at low rank. We'll be adding in High Rank Parts once we've unlocked them.

Target Rewards Capture Rewards Broken Part Rewards Carves Dropped Materials
Volvidon Shell15%26%30%40%55%
Volvidon Claw19%34%--%19%20%
Volvi Rickrack22%--%70%24%--%
Paralysis Sack16%22%--%17%--%
Jumbo Bone13%18%--%--%--%
Monster Fluid15%--%--%--%25%
Beast Tear--%--%--%--%50%

Best Weapons and Armour to Fight the Volvidon With

Given that the Volvidon lives in fiery surroundings and is weak to water weapons you will want to with the following weapons and armour sets:

  • Weapons - Ludroth, Almudron, Mizutsune
  • Armour - Rathalos, Rathian, Izuchi

Tips For Fighting the Volvidon

  • Make sure you go in with plenty of Deodorant
  • Use Wirebug to dodge the monster as it rolls around
  • Use other large monsters, building up a mounted punisher for maximum damage
  • Watch out for the Volvidon's tongue, it will paralyse you if it hits
  • If you can, mount the Volvidon and take the fight to one of the underground water areas

That's all you need to know about beating the Volvidon in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help with the game be sure to visit our MH Rise Walkthrough. Elsewhere there's our Monster Hunter Rise review.

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