Monster Hunter Rise Tranq Bombs: How to Get Tranq Bombs

Monster Hunter Rise can be a pretty daunting game at first, with seemingly hundreds of items at your disposal. You’ll gradually learn the value of each item you come across, and can start to use them on your hunts. Tranq Bombs are a really important item to have, given that they allow you to capture monsters for parts that you otherwise might not get. In this Monster Hunter Rise Tranq Bombs guide we’ll show you how to craft Tranq Bombs and other ways to get ahold of them.

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How to Craft Tranq Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise

To craft Tranq Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise you will need the following ingredients:

  • Sleep Herb (grows in the shrine area)
  • Parashrooms (grows in most regions)

Once you have these ingredients head into your crafting menu and select Tranq Bombs. You’ll need one of each in order to craft a single Tranq Bomb. These can be used to capture monsters when they’re weakened. For more on this visit our MH Rise Capture Monsters guide.

Where to Buy Tranq Bombs

Once you’ve progressed a little through the story, the market will give you the option to buy Tranq Bombs. They cost 180z each, and opened up for us around unlocking 4-star Village Quests. It’s also a good idea to regularly spend money at the market to unlock new items.

How to Use Tranq Bombs

To use Tranq Bombs, hold ‘L’ and select the bombs. Press Y to drop them on the ground, or aim with ZL and press Y to throw them. You’ll usually need a few to put large monsters to sleep. 

That’s all you need to know about Tranq Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise. For more help with the game be sure to check out our breakdown of the Affinity stat. There’s more where that came from, visit our MH Rise Walkthrough to see all of our guides in one place.

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