Monster Hunter Rise: Tigrex Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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Tigrex is the massive dinosaur horror of Monster Hunter Rise, a huge winged tyrannosaurus that serves as one of the game’s toughest boss monsters. We’ll show you everything you need to know to beat Tigrex; weaknesses, strategy and rewards included.

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How to Beat Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Tigrex in Monster Hunter Rise you’ll need to know its weaknesses and come equipped to deal with raw, brute force stun attacks. Tigrex doesn’t use fire or ice, but simply relies upon regular damage in massive quantities to barrel over its opponents.

Tigrex Weaknesses

Tigrex actually has three weaknesses, though they’re not all equivalent. If you’re going into battle, have these ready:

  • Thunder (3 stars)
  • Dragon (2 stars)
  • Water (1 star)

Clearly Thunder is the best option here, but you’ve got two backup options if you can’t get the weapons ready to go. If you can’t get any of these, don’t go in with Fire or Ice - it’s just better to have a raw damage weapon instead.

Tigrex Tips and Strategy

Tigrex is not a complicated fight, but there are a couple of nuances that you need to keep in mind if you don’t want to get trampled underfoot. We’ve listed some basic tips and tricks to keep in mind as you go in for the best strategy.

  • Tigrex does a lot of charging, stampede attacks. It’s better to fight it from the flank rather than head-on, lest you get stepped on. If it comes at you, your safest bet is to wirebug straight up over it.
  • Blunt weapon attacks on Tigrex’s head have the best chance to stun it.
  • Tigrex can also throw rocks and snow, but these tend to be slower, more-easily dodged attacks. If you are having trouble with them, dodge to the side or back, rather than up.
  • Despite looking threatening, Tigrex rarely uses its tail to attack, essentially making it a big safe target. It’s kind of difficult to get at, considering Tigrex snakes around a lot, but it’s certainly safer than fighting at the end with the mouth.
  • When enraged, Tigrex’s arms/wings will be shot through with glowing red veins. During this time it’s much more aggressive and does more damage. However, we found that targeting its head and hands can sometimes knock it out of that state, though it takes a lot of damage to do so.
  • Tigrex tends to get enraged more than the average monster. Get used to these temper tantrums, as they’ll comprise a large part of any fight with it.

Tigrex Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Tigrex materials are used for a huge variety of weapons and armour sets, especially big melee weapons like the Tiger Jawblade, Tigrine Edge and Rex Talon. These weapons tend to give lower affinity and no elemental bonus in return for huge damage output, essentially becoming massive, blunt-force attacks that mimic the monster it came from. You can also make the Tigrex set, a fire-resistant armour that increases the speed at which you eat and consume items, as well as giving you an attack boost for when weapon sharpness begins to lower.

Well done to all the newly-crowned dinosaur hunters! Of course, there’s some much more to find out in Monster Hunter Rise. Check out how to beat Zinogre here, or find out how you can get the rare Deepest Night sword here!

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