Monster Hunter Rise Sonic Barrier Melody: How To Use It

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Monster Hunter Rise is all about fighting monsters and using them to your advantage to create powerful weapons, to then battle even stronger creatures. Sometimes this can be a bit of a challenge, this is where the Sonic Barrier Melody will aid you.

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How To Use Sonic Barrier Melody

Sonic Barrier Melody is a tune that players can be create using Hunting Horns, they heavily reduce damage and stop you from being stunned. Though this is great, it only lasts for one blow, meaning it's great to use in sticky situations. Below is a list of Hunting Horns you can use to play the Sonic Barrier Melody:

  • Azure Elder Horn
  • Basarios Rock
  • Grass Flute
  • Magia Charm
  • Sinister Strum
  • Zurogong Primo

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