Monster Hunter Rise: Rakna-Kadaki Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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A vast arachnid monster that serves as one of the powerhouses of Monster Hunter Rise, Rakna-Kadaki’s weaknesses are few and its powers many. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you how to beat Rakna Kadaki, it’s strengths, weaknesses and the best strategy to use when battling it.

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How to Beat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Rakna-Kadaki in Monster Hunter Rise, players will have to play with the utmost caution, as this is an enemy who tends to make the most of gaps in defense and responds by doing massive damage. First we’ll cover Rakna’s weaknesses, so you can get the fight done as fast as possible.

Rakna-Kadaki Weaknesses

Rakna-Kadaki’s weaknesses are surprising, considering its appearance. It doesn’t have a weakness to fire, as one might expect, but it does have a couple you can make use of.

  • Ice (3)
  • Water (2)

It’s actually immune to all the other three elements, so whatever you do, don’t go in with Fire, Dragon or Thunder weapons! They’ll do nothing to it.

Rakna-Kadaki Strategy and Tips

Rakna is a boss of a thousand gimmicks, burning players, tangling them up and summoning minor foes to harass you all the while. But each gimmick has its own counter-strategy, which we’ve laid out below.

  • This is a boss with a huge amount of health. Make sure you have everything you need, because you might be fighting for a while.
  • Rakna-Kadaki’s attacks often have Fire type, so go in wearing Fire-resistant armour!
  • In combat, Rakna stomps around quite slowly, but can suddenly yank itself in one direction with a strand of web, similar to your wirebugs. If you see it shoot a single strand, it’s about to charge in that direction! However, if you can damage and break these strands, it’ll be toppled and give you a chance to hit it.
  • Its main attacks are a flamethrower breath at the front, which sweeps across the battlefield right-to-left (from its perspective), and a slam attack around the back where it hits its thorax against the ground. Keep on its side if possible, and get ready to dodge backwards in an instant.
  • It has a second flamethrower attack where it breathes in a circle all around it, and a third where it burns the area underneath to clear out any players between its legs. Whichever it uses, you’ll also see it pull its head back when it’s preparing to breath flame.
  • Sometimes Rakna will extend two front legs to the sides and charge forward, making it incredibly hard to side-step. Wirebug up or backwards if you’re far enough away.
  • Rakna can also shoot strands of webbing to entangle players. Don’t let yourself get hit, or you’ll be perfectly set up for it to hit you with a devastating flamethrower!
  • Rakna will sometimes build a ball of web at its back. This allows it to spawn small Rachnoid enemies and increase the power/range of the thorax slam. We found you can destroy the web ball, staggering it and stopping it from summoning for a time. Even if you don’t, the ball will disappear after a while of its own volition.

Rakna-Kadaki Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Appropriately enough for a big fiery spider, Rakna-Kadaki’s materials can be used to make weapons that boost Fire damage and Silkbinding attacks, an excellent advantage for the more elaborate player. You can also use it to make some high-ranking armour sets, including the special Rakna-Kadaki set, which boosts Fire resistance and stamina, as well as the speed at ammo weapons are reloaded.

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