Monster Hunter Rise Quality Bone: How To Find and Use It

Many items in Monster Hunter Rise can be fairly tricky to find, there isn't much direction and so you're usually left to your own devices to stumble upon resources. Quality Bones are one of the aforementioned items, so where on earth do you find them and can you actually do anything with them?

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How To Find Quality Bones

You can find Quality Bones in high-rank areas by interacting with Bone Piles. They have a slight green hue to them and are fairly obvious when found. We recommend going on a High-Rank Expedition tour to the Shrines, there are plenty of bone piles in this area. Quality Bone will only appear in high-rank areas and quests, which are unlocked after beating the Apex Arzuros in the Hub quests list.

You can craft the weapons and armour below using Quality Bones:


  • Crimson Goat
  • Kaiser Blade
  • Pukei Bow II
  • Pukei Rod II


  • Aelucanth Crura S
  • Aelucanth Thorax S

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