Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Fertile Mud

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As odd as it sounds, Fertile Mud is an item with value as a crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise, allowing you to make specific items and weapons at the blacksmith’s shop. It’s not easy to find, but we’ll show you how to get Fertile Mud and how you can use it to make powerful equipment here.

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How to Get Fertile Mud in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Fertile Mud in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to fight the monster known as Barroth. Barroth is a giant, lumpen tyrannosaurus-creature found in the Sandy Plains that uses mud and dirt to fight. There’s three ways to get it from the Barroth, none of which have very good odds, and you’ll likely have to try these multiple times before you get any.

  • As a dropped material
  • By Wyvern riding it into a wall or other monster
  • When a Gathering Palico uses the Pilfer move on it
  • By completing any target quest on the Barroth

Fertile Mud Uses and Recipes

Once you have Fertile Mud, there’s very few uses for it, but there are a couple of recipes that it’s instrumental in, both of which are powerful melee weapons.

  • Barroth Anchor
  • Carapace Mace II

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