Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Dragonhusk Shards

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Dragonhusk Shards are a rare, valuable crafting material in Monster Hunter Rise, instrumental in upgrading and forging some of the best weapons and armour in the game. We’ll explain how to get Dragonhusk Shards, and the best use you can put them to once you have them.

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How to Get Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Dragonhusk Shards in Monster Hunter Rise you need to head to certain High-Rank areas and scout for bone piles. Every time you interact with them, you get a chance of finding Dragonhusk Shards. If you need them, head to these locations:

  • Flooded Forest (sections 7 and 13)
  • Frost Islands (sections 1, 8, 9 and 12)
  • Lava Caverns (sections 2, 5, 8, and 10)

All the bone piles here have a chance to drop Dragonhusk shards, so keep farming around. If you’re having trouble finding them, check the map and head to more wild areas where they tend to be more common. Also make sure to check the Meowcenaries in the Buddy Plaza and see if there’s an option to check bone piles in any of these locales!


Dragonhusk Shard Uses and Recipes

The Dragonhusk Shard is used to upgrade a wide range of melee weapons, but you can also use it forge a small range of solid weapons and armour, as listed below.


  • Altair
  • Deathport Staff
  • Graceful Death
  • Ninja Parasol
  • Qornu Waga

Armour/Buddy Equipment

  • Aelucanth Thorax
  • Hunter’s Greaves
  • Khezu Coil

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