Monster Hunter Rise: Great Baggi Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

The Great Baggi is one of the first monsters you’ll encounter in Monster Hunter Rise, a savage, raptor-like hunter who uses pack tactics and cunning to get the advantage in combat. We’ll teach you the Great Baggi’s weaknesses, the best strategy and how to beat it for numerous materials and rewards.

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How to Beat the Great Baggi in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat the Great Baggi in Monster hunter you’ll need to learn how to fight multiple enemies at once, and how to deal with faster opponents than you’re probably used to so far. The Baggi is a quick-moving, sly foe who summons minions to fight for it, so you’ll often be dodging around and thinning crowds. First things though, let’s explain its weaknesses.

Great Baggi Weaknesses

The Great Baggi has a few weaknesses worth taking note of, though if you’re encountering it for the first time in the game you might be at a point where you don't have a wide range of weapons designed to take account of weaknesses. However, if you have any of these, equip them before you go in!

  • Fire (3)
  • Water (2)
  • Thunder (2)

Great Baggi Strategy and Tips

If you’re planning on battling the Baggi, there’s some basic advice you can take with you to form the best strategy for this boss battle, and maybe make the difference between victory and failure. Here’s the best tips for fighting the Great Baggi:

  • Aside from having the aforementioned weaknesses, the Great Baggi is immune to Ice and Dragon damage. Don’t use these kinds of weapons if you have them.
  • The Great Baggi will spawn with other regular Baggi around it, and at times will summon others to join it if their numbers become too depleted. If attacked, the Great Baggi will cause its minions to relentlessly attack the threat.
  • Focus on the mini-Baggi before attacking their master, it’s very easy to get taken to pieces by the little ones. Back away, kill the Baggi one at a time, then go after the Great Baggi.
  • The Great Baggi can spit a poison that puts you to sleep if it hits you. If it rears its head back, dodge to the side, either with the B button or the wirebug. Drink some Energy Drinks when you can to build your resistance to sleep effects.

Great Baggi Rewards, Armour and Weapons

The materials from the Great Baggi make up a huge amount of weapons and armour sets, too many to count. However, it does have a specific armour set based around its materials called the Baggi set (don’t worry, it actually fits rather well), which boosts ice resistance, sleep resistance and ice damage inflicted on enemies, though it’s very weak to fire damage. It works pretty well as an early-game armour choice, and can be upgraded later on to a better version that works in the mid-to-late game.

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