Monster Hunter Rise: Goss Harag Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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Monster Hunter Rise’s equivalent to the Yeti is the Goss Harag, a vast icy bigfoot who proves to be one of the game’s most dangerous fights. We’ll show you Goss Harag’s Weaknesses, the best strategies and how to beat it, as well as what armour sets and weapons you can craft from it.

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How to Beat Goss Harag in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Goss Harag in Monster Hunter Rise isn’t easy, as it’s a behemoth brute who uses powerful ice attacks and even shields parts of its body with damaging ice, but there is a way to break through and beat this powerful foe. We’ll start with its weaknesses.

Goss Harag Weaknesses

Goss Harag has a range of immunities that make a specific loadout pretty important. However, it has two big weaknesses for you to make use of:

  • Fire (3)
  • Thunder (2)

These aren’t just weaknesses, they’re pretty important exploits to make use of. Do not use any of the other three elements, as Goss will shrug them off without issue.

Goss Harag Tips and Strategy

Goss Harag can be a relatively short boss fight if you know what you’re doing, but there’s no circumstances where it won’t be dangerous. Here’s the best tips and strategy to beat the burly Goss Harag.

  • As mentioned, Goss Harag is immune to Dragon, Water and Ice attacks. Don’t even try using these.
  • All Goss’ attacks are ice-based, so armour that resists Ice is incredibly effective in battle.
  • Goss Harag’s usual attacks are fast swipes and overhead smashes that don’t give a lot of warning, and reach surprisingly high in the air. Dodge to the side rather than up, and try to stay on its flank.
  • When it charges, dodge to the side with your wirebug, as you’ll have surprisingly little time to get out of the way otherwise.
  • When Goss becomes enraged, everything changes. Its arms and head turn red, it gains the ability to blast long-range ice beams out of its mouth, and its arms grow huge icey blades that extend the reach and damage on its attacks. When in this state, stay on its side and try to damage the ice blades when the opportunity arises. You’ll take a small amount of ice damage for doing so, but eventually you’ll break the ice and topple Harag over, giving you a chance to heal, damage it, or whatever else you need.

Goss Harag Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Goss Harag’s materials are used to make a variety of armour and weapons, but the biggest contributions are the Goss Harag set, which gives huge ice immunity while also adding buffs and additional effects to Draw attacks. Aside from that, you can make a variety of ice-themed weaponry, most of which focus on high attack and sharpness while giving notable affinity penalties.

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