Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag Bile: Which Parts to Break?

Goss Harag Bile is a rare item that will drop occasionally when fighting the Goss Harag in Monster Hunter Rise. You'll have a low chance of getting it at the best of times but there are a few things you can do to improve your chances. In this MH Rise Goss Harag Bile guide we'll show you the best way to get it, including which parts to focus on and some extra boosts for good luck.

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Monster Hunter Rise Goss Harag Bile Farming

Goss Harag Bile has an 8% chance of dropping from Broken Parts and a 3% capture reward chance. As such you will want to focus on breaking as many parts as possible and capturing. Even doing this will require a number of tries, or you could get lucky. Just make sure you are on High Rank hunts.

Which Parts to Break?

You'll want to focus on breaking the Goss Harag's head and back. You'll know when you've broken the back because patches of fur will be missing. Make sure to use other monsters in riding states to break more parts off.

Other Ways to Improve your Chances

The Partbreaker Skill is a great one to bring with you here. Make sure to pick up any Lucky Life that appears, especially the blue crow, as this will increase reward items. Use Decorations to apply Partbreaker or use the Rathalos Armour Set.

That's how to get Goss Harag Bile in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game be sure to check out our MH Rise 2021 Roadmap Guide. Elsewhere there's our look at farming Talismans.

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