Monster Hunter Rise: How to Forge the Flame Seal

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You'll need to complete some of Monster Hunter Rise's toughest quests to get the best items in the game. You'll need some of these armour pieces to complete your builds, or to unlock a new option for layered armour sets. The Flame Seal is a particularly cool looking eyepatch that can only be unlocked by completing the final Village Quest.

The Flame Seal is a great piece of gear to consider when making a build. It comes with a hefty boost to Critical Eye, and is one of the best items in the game for putting together crit-focused builds. In this Monster Hunter Rise Flame Seal guide we'll explain how to unlock it, and the best way to use it.

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How to Unlock the Flame Seal

To unlock the Flame Seal in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to complete every single Village Quest. Once you've done so you will be given a new Advanced Quest called The Veteran's Gala. In it, you'll need to hunt a Rajang, Bazelgeuse and a Magnamalo in an arena match. Completing this will unlock the Flame Seal blueprint.

Forging the Flame Seal

Once you've unlocked the blueprint for the Flame Seal you will need to forge it. To do so head over to the Smithy and search for the Flame Seal in the High Rank section. You'll need the following to craft it, as well as 14,000 zenny:

  • Rajang Blackfur x2
  • Bazelgeuse Scale+ x2
  • Magnamalo Scale+ x2
  • Elder Dragon Blood x2

Forging the flame Seal in Monster Hunter Rise
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Flame Seal Stats and Skills

The Flame Seals main use is in Crit builds. It grants 4 levels of Critical Eye, which will increase affinity by 20 percent. It also has a base defence of 56 and level 3 fire resistance. This is a great item to pair with low affinity weapons like Tigrex builds.

That's all you need to know about the Flame Seal in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game be sure to check out our guide on playing offline. Elsewhere there's also our look at farming Talismans.