Monster Hunter Rise: Where to Farm Dragonite Ore

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You’ll need to be prepared for every fight you take on in Monster Hunter Rise. This means making use of every resource at your disposal, including items like Dragonite Ore. Dragonite Ore is used in the Bone Tree weapons and in certain armours. It’s recommended that you have some on you for this reason, though luckily they’re fairly easy to get. Let’s take a look at the best way to farm Dragonite Ore in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Monster Hunter Rise Dragonite Ore Location

The best place to get Dragonite Ore is in the Lava Caverns area. You’ll unlock this for expedition once you’ve reached four-star Village quests. It’s a volcanic region with plenty of ore to mine. Take a look at the screenshot below for specific locations.

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Best Places to Farm Dragonite Ore

The best way to farm Dragonite Ore is to set out on an Expedition Tour in the Lava Caverns. Head to the rocky areas near the peak of the volcano, you’ll see plenty of ore to mine. There’s even some down in the caverns, exploring this area will get you a lot of Dragonite Ore. Just keep heading on Expeditions here to get your fill.

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