Monster Hunter Rise: Diablos Weaknesses, Strategy and How to Beat

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The Diablos is one of Monster Hunter Rise’s most powerful monsters, a vast desert dragon who dominates the Sandy Plains and proves a powerful foe for any player. In this guide we’ll outline Diablos’ weakness, the best strategy and how to beat it for good, as well as the best crafting materials you can get from it.

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How to Beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise

To beat Diablos in Monster Hunter Rise you need to make careful use of its weaknesses, prepare for a long fight and go in with some very specific equipment. We’ll outline the best options below, starting with weaknesses.

Diablos Weaknesses

Diablos has quite a lot of weaknesses, giving you some scope to choose from your available weapons and equipment. Here’s all its weaknesses in descending order of effectiveness.

  • Ice (3)
  • Water (2)
  • Dragon (2)
  • Thunder (1)

However, while it’s weak to all these elements, Diablos is completely immune to Fire attacks. Don’t attack it with any fiery weapons! You’ll only be wasting everybody’s time.

Diablos Tips and Strategy

Diablos is a big, brutal enemy who focuses on massive damage above all else, rather inflicting status effects. This likely be a long fight, so go in with all the items you’ll need and remember the following tips:

  • Diablos has a lot of health, and prioritises large, hard-to-dodge melee attacks that do a lot of damage. Play patiently, this is a marathon of a boss fight.
  • Diablos inflicts huge stun attacks. Get ready to break out of stun at a moment’s notice by waggling the left joystick left-to-right.
  • Diablos’ attacks tend to have very obvious signals to indicate they’re coming (with the exception of a side-step that’s annoyingly fast). However, they’re huge, sweeping moves that aren’t easily avoided. Save your wirebugs for evasion and counterattacks, or risk getting flattened underfoot.
  • Trying to build a class that resists knockback is effective, or eating a Dango to help with that before you go into the mission. Diablos’ attacks tend to send players flying, especially those done with its tail.
  • Diablos will bury under the ground at times, tunnel to an enemy, and erupt underneath for huge damage. Watch the telltale moving that rock and don’t let it reach you! If it’s about to touch you, wirebug away for maximum distance.
  • If you have a blunt weapon like a hammer, focus on the head for maximum damage!
  • Diablos has a particular vulnerability to Sonic Bombs. If you have any, these can be used to temporarily stun it. Or they can also be used to force it to resurface when it’s underground, whichever is more helpful.

Diablos Rewards, Armour and Weapons

Diablos’ materials can’t be used to make many sets of armour, with the exception of the powerful Diablos Set, which has a huge defense bonus but only resists Thunder damage. You can also use it to make a variety of weapons, and those on the Diablos tree tend to focus on very high damage with low affinity, as well as a notable defense bonus.

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