Monster Hunter Rise: How To Get Commendation

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Monster Hunter Rise is all about collecting resources, some of which can't actually be harvested from monsters. One of these materials includes Commendation, so let's find out what it is, how to get it and how to use it!

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How To Get Commendation

Many resources can be gathered from monsters, hence the title revolving around them and being named Monster Hunter Rise. Although there are some materials you have to gather and others you have to earn, like Commendation. It can be earned by completing a number of quests, usually, these are missions that players will encounter further into their save. These adventures usually involve many more monsters than normal and are a harder challenge. At the moment this is the only way to get Commendation so be sure to keep an eye out for quests that face you against multiple monsters.

How To Use Commendation

Commendation can be used to craft and upgrade a number of weapons which you can find below:

  • Canyne Cannon II
  • Cawscythe II
  • Chaos Bow II
  • Cuddly Cat II
  • Elite Switch Axe I
  • Fragrance II
  • Gigant Makra II
  • Heat Lance II
  • Infernal Axe II
  • Ivory Bow II
  • Poison Fungasax II
  • Pumpking II
  • Queen Blaster II
  • Sinister Axe II
  • Sinister Blade II
  • Sinister Blades II
  • Sinister Bow II
  • Sinister Bowgun II
  • Sinister Gunlance II
  • Sinister Hammer II
  • Sinister Long Sword II
  • Sinister Slasher II
  • Sinister Spear II
  • Sinister Staff II
  • Sinister Strum II
  • Sinister Sword II
  • Sinister Volley II

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