Monster Hunter Rise: How to Climb Walls and Ledges

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Monster Hunter Rise puts a new spin on many of the series’ old mechanics. Climbing is completely different here, and plays heavily into the new Wirebug systems. It’s a hard system to grasp for newcomers, and climbing isn’t explained in much detail at first. Here’s all you need to know about climbing in Monster Hunter Rise.

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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Climb

To climb in Monster Hunter Rise, there are a few different new systems to consider. Let’s start with the smallest ledges in the game. With these smaller ledges, your character will automatically climb up, this basically covers anything at chest height or lower. 

A character in Monster Hunter Rise stands next to a small rock, demonstrating different levels of climbing available to the player

Now let’s take a look at ledges at chest height and higher. At this height, you’ll need to use your wirebug to climb. To do so, press ZL and X. This will launch you into the air, giving you the height to clear the ledge. Some ledges are much taller however, and will require actual climbing.


Certain areas are blocked off by cliffs that you’ll need to climb. To do this, use the wirebug as before and launch yourself into the air. You will hit the wall and start climbing, push up on the analogue stick to move upwards. You can hold R to run up faster, and will keep climbing for as long as you have stamina. Once you run out of stamina, your character will jump away from the wall.

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Climbing With Your Palamute

The Palamute can be used to climb walls as well. Just mount your Palamute and dash towards a wall using 'R'. You will automatically run up the wall, and much faster than when on your own. This method is great for chasing down monsters, giving you extra speed while preserving your stamina in the process.


Climbing Vines

Some ledges have vines that you can climb. These are pretty easy to spot, and climbing is just a matter of running at them and pushing forward on the analogue stick. This is a great way to save stamina.

A character in Monster Hunter Rise reaching the peak of a cliff, having climbed it using a wirebug

Character Jumping Off While Climbing Explained

One issue that new players will run into while climbing in Monster Hunter Rise is their character jumping away from the cliff. This is a result of stamina running out. It’s also possible that you’re holding ZR instead of R while climbing. Hold R instead, allowing you to run up ledges faster. For more simple tips on MH Rise, visit our Tips page.


That’s all you need to know about climbing on Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game visit our guides on Monster Hunter Rise amiibo, and tips on how to sheath your weapon while fighting.