Monster Hunter Rise Bow Guide: Tips, Controls, Combos and Silkbind Attacks

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Within Monster Hunter Rise there are 14 powerful weapons to choose from. With a huge range of combat functions and styles, what more could you ask for? The Bow is a classic and with its gorgeous design within the game, its a real masterpiece. Aside from its looks, the Bow packs and punch and is great for players that like to keep their distance. Below you can find a bunch of tips as well as all the controls and combos you need to know.

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MH Rise Bow Controls

Learning to use any weapon for the first time in a game can be daunting, Bows especially due to needing to be accurate with your shots. Below you can find the controls which should help you out a little:

  • A - Melee Attack
  • X - Load/Unload Coating
  • B - Backstep
  • X + A - Dragon Piercer
  • L + X or B - Select Coating
  • ZR - Shoot
  • ZR + A - Arc Shot
  • Hold ZR + A - Power Shot
  • ZL - Aim
  • ZL + L + B - Charging Step
  • R + X - Focus Shot
  • R + A - Herculean Draw

You're probably thinking, great I know how to perform these attacks but what do they actually do? We've summarised what they are to give you a better idea of when to use them:

  • Dragon Piercer - A strong attack that takes a little while to perform.
  • Arc Shot - Launches an arrow into the air, move the cursor to decide where the arrow lands.
  • Power Shot - Use this after shooting three times to release even more arrows, large stamina consumption.
  • Charging Step - One of the most powerful moves for a Bow, evades whilst critically damaging the enemy.
  • Focus Shot - Jumps backwards into a crouch, your stamina will regenerate quickly in this position.
  • Herculean Draw - Jolt forward into the direction you're facing, boosting your attack power.


Combos are essential in Monster Hunter and the same goes for Rise, using a combination of buttons you can deal some real damage. Below you can find the combos usable with a Bow:

  • ZR to ZR to ZR to A to A to ZL + L + B to ZR to A to A to ZL + L + B - High Damage Loop Combo
  • Hold ZL to ZR to L + B to X + A - Fast Dragon Pierce

Silkbind Attacks

Silkbinds are a new addition to Monster Hunter, these attacks use Wirebugs and deal damage. Here you can find the Silkbind attacks for the Bow:

  • R + X - Focus Shot
  • R + A - Herculean Draw

Bow Tips

  • A bow is as versatile as you'd want, in many ways, thanks to its coating options. Players can inflict sleep, paralysis, poison and more, but there's also a basic "Power" coating that helps shots hit harder.
  • You'll want to keep an eye on your crosshair, too. You'll get a big "Out of Range" message if you're too far, but if you get too close the reticule will get smaller. You'll want the more circular crosshair, meaning you're at the best range.
  • The Bow also eats through stamina, but you can use the Focus Shot skill to get some back – as long as you crouch, too.

That's all you need to know about this weapon. Visit our Monster Hunter Rise Walkthrough to find all of our guides in one handy place.