Monster Hunter Rise Boatshell Locations: Where to Farm Boatshells

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Boatshells can be a little hard to track down in Monster hunter Rise. You'll need them for crafting and upgrading certain weapons and armours. to help you get your hands on some Boatshells we've put together this Monster Hunter Rise Boatshells locations guide. We'll take a look at the best ways to farm Boatshells and show you exactly where to pick them up.

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Monster Hunter Rise Boatshell Locations

To get Boatshells in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to find Oyster Beds in the Frost Islands area. You will need to be on a high rank quest in order to get them from Oyster Beds. We've marked their locations on the map below (they're the grey question mark icons):

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Best Way to farm Boatshells

Now that you know Boatshells can be collected from Oyster Beds in the Frost Islands, you'll want to know the best way to farm them. We recommend heading out on a high rank Expedition Tour in the Frost Islands, and then running to the locations shown on the map above.


That's where to get Boatshells in Monster Hunter Rise. For more on the game check out our guide on Affinity. Then, be sure to read our guide on the best weapons for beginners.

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