Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Barroth Scalp

Each monster in Monster Hunter Rise drops its own set of resources during a hunt. Some are easy to get, with high chances just from hunting and carving/capturing. Others like the Barroth Scalp can be a nightmare to get ahold of, given that they have extremely low drop rates through normal means. This part in particular will only drop frequently if you manage to break the Barroth's head piece, which is difficult with most weapons.

There are things you can do to increase your chances however, meaning that you'll only have to do a few hunts before getting a Barroth Scalp. In this guide we'll give you some tips on getting this part, including what weapon to bring with you and some extra skills that will help you with this fight. Before starting make sure you check out our Barroth Hunting guide for general tips on fighting this monster.

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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Barroth Scalp

The first thing to note about the Barroth Scalp is that it only has a 8% drop rate for normal carves. You'll need to break the head to increase your chances to 80%, and you should be doing so on a low rank hunt for this chance. Breaking the head requires a blunt weapon, we recommend a hammer of some kind. You will not be able to break the head using a cutting or piercing weapon. Focus on breaking the head with a hammer and then carve the scalp/ridge that drops off. Doing this should get you a Scalp, if after a couple of hunts at low rank.

The next thing to consider is your build, which should contain Part Breaker and Slugger. This will make it easier to break parts and stun the Barroth. Head into your Decorations menu and equip these skills. You could also try your luck farming Talismans.

For an extra boost, equip your buddies with blunt weapons, and make sure you are using the Felvine whenever you can. Finally, you could head into an online lobby, either with some blunt-wielding friends or randoms. Honestly though, you'll have more control over a solo run in a low rank quest.

Barroth in Monster Hunter Rise
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What Are Barroth Scalps Used For?

Barroth Scalps are primarily used in the crafting of certain Barroth Armor pieces, specifically the Barroth Mail S and the Barroth Coil. You can also use them to craft weapons in the Long Sword, Great Sword and Lance sections. These offer good rarity and damage early on, but become less useful as you progress, mostly due to the negative affinity applied here. Luckily, you'll only need a few Barroth Scalps to craft everything you need.

That's how to get Barroth Scalp in MH Rise. For more help with the game be sure to check out our Weakness Chart. Once you're done there you should head over to our Monster Hunter Rise 2021 Roadmap to see what's coming this year in terms of free title updates.

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