Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Altaroth Jaw

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January 19, 2023: Monster Hunter Rise hits Xbox and Playstation tomorrow, so now is the perfect time to freshen up on some material farming strategies.

Monster Hunter Rise throws some pretty tough monsters at you from the get-go. Ideally, you’ll want to be upgrading your weapons and armour as often as you can, but this often requires specific crafting materials you may not know where to find.

One such item is the Altaroth Jaw, which takes a bit of skill to get your hands on. We’ll lead you through where to get Altaroth Jaw in Monster Hunter Rise, and look at the best farming method.

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Where to Get Altaroth Jaw in Monster Hunter Rise

To get Altaroth Jaw in Monster Hunter Rise you will need to find Altaroth around the map. They spawn in every biome, and look like large ants with colourful balls on their tails. I found them easier to spot in the Frost Islands given how they stand out against the white surroundings. You will need to throw Poison Smoke Bombs at them to make sure you’re able to carve. Poison Smoke Bombs are made from the following ingredients:

  • Toadstool (1)
  • Smokenut (1)

Just walk up to an Altaroth and throw a poison bomb at them. You can then carve. You won’t always get Altaroth Jaw so repeat this process until you do. You can check out the screenshot below for more info:

Carving an Altaroth in Monster Hunter Rise
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Best Way to Farm Altaroth Jaw

The best way to farm Altaroth Jaw is to take on the 2-star Village quest called ‘Case of the Creepy Crawlies’. This has many Altaroth spawns and even marks them on the map. Just make sure you go in with plenty of Poison Smoke Bombs. It’s also worth checking our Bunny Dango guide to see if you can boost drop rates for this mission.

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