Monster Hunter Rise SF Ultimate Promotion Exam: How to Unlock the Street Fighter Akuma Armour

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As part of a recent Capcom collaboration pack, Akuma from Street Fighter has been added into Monster Hunter Rise. It's in the form of a brand new Layered Armour Set, allowing players to don the outfit of the Great Demon. Here's how to get the Akuma armour, as well as some information on the fighting style and weapons shown in the trailer.

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Monster Hunter Rise: How to Unlock the Street Fighter Akuma Armour

To get Akuma in Monster hunter Rise you will first need to wait until the update drops on August 27. Update the game and restart. You'll be able to pick up a new event ques called 'SF Ultimate Promotion Exam' from the Courier. Complete this event quest to get the Layered Akuma Armour. You'll be able to apply this on top of any of your armour sets, and can customise your loadout without changing Akuma's appearance.

Akuma Fighting Style/Weapons

In the trailer, Akuma can be seen fighting monsters using hand-to-hand combat. This currently isn't an option in the game, and a closer look reveals what is actually going on. The Wirebug moves and attacks are actually from the Sword and Shield weapon set, but all weapons are hidden and kunai attacks become fireballs. The layered armour does seem to add some visual effects however, much like the Okami Palamute Set added earlier in the year.

Details on the content being added to MH Rise vis the Capcom Collab Pack 3. It includes Akuma from the Street Fighter series.
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It also looks like you'll be able to use any weapon when the Akuma armour is equipped, which is in line with how Layered Armour works in the game already.

SF Ultimate Promotion Exam

In order to get the Akuma armour you will need to clear the SF Ultimate Promotion Exam event quest. In it, there are two Rajang, one large and asleep in area 5, and the other, much smaller in a different part of the map. For the love of God do not go for the larger one. It is a suped up Rajang that can KO you in one hit. You only need to hunt one, so go for the smaller Rajang. You'll earn Satsui no Hado for beating the quest, you'll need four to unlock the armour.

How to Forge the Akuma Armour


To forge the Akuma armour, head to the blacksmith and select 'Forge Layered Armour'. Scroll to the 'Special' tab, and you'll see it listed. You'll need 4 Satsui no Hado to forge it completely.

That's all we know on unlocking Akuma in MH Rise so far. If you're looking for more on Monster Hunter Rise be sure to check out our guide on Farming Talismans. Elsewhere there's our look at using the Greatsword.

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