Warzone Season 6: Metro Subway Station Easter Egg Guide - How To Unlock The Firebrand Blueprint

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With Warzone Season 6 now underway, Infinity Ward has been kind enough to add in a new easter egg to fit its latest addition of Verdansk.

Back in Season 5, when the Stadium was opened up by Shadow Company, an easter egg was added to kick off the reveal of Black Ops Cold War.


Not only that, but players could earn an exclusive blueprint weapon!

Once again, with the addition of the Metro Subway, players can now complete a new easter egg and earn the Firebrand blueprint for the Bruen MK9!

Here's how to complete the Easter Egg.

How To Complete The Warzone Subway Easter Egg And Get The Firebrand Blueprint

We're updating this article as more information becomes available and may not be 100% accurate.

First, you'll want to head to City Hall, located in G6 on the map of Verdansk.

Head through the front door and turn immediately right and hop over the bank desk.


On the left is a keypad on the left of the wall - enter the redacted code which is '2179'.

The room will start to fill with gas, you need to interact with the computer terminal directly behind the keypad.

There are six pictures and the numbers below them are randomised, so be sure to make note of them all and remember what goes with what.

You'll be asked to put in a code, the images on the screen correlate to paintings around the room.

The computer screen will show small parts of the painting with a positive or negative number. You will need to add and subtract the numbers to and from the images/number; this will give you a four-digit code.

The keys on the keypad have been cut up to only show you small parts of the numbers; they are split into top half and bottom half.

Once you have the four-digit code, you will need to input the top half of each number in the code in the top line, and the bottom half of each number in the code in the bottom line.


Once done the computer screen will say 'Subway Override Authorized'.

Photo via Maisdeux

Next, you want to head all the way to the Metro Subway Station near Verdansk International Airport located in D4.

Head all the way down to the train platform and continue straight ahead into the double doors in front of you.

Once there, interact with the computer terminal and it will reboot - a message will pop up saying 'A.E. Train Arriving Soon'.

Head back outside and into the arriving train.


Photo via Maisdeux

The screen will fade to black and you will arrive at the next stop. Jump out onto the platform and you'll find tons of loot, as well as in the double doors on your left!

Loot includes the Juggernaut, Specialist Bonus, Foresight killstreak, Advanced UAV, Durable Gas Mask and most importantly, you will find the Firebrand LMG Blueprint!

This Easter Egg is easiest to complete in Plunder, so we recommend jumping into a game with a squad of 4.

You can watch the full video here: