Warzone Season 5 Teaser: CCTV Footage Shows Explosion Inside Stadium

After yesterday's Warzone Season 5 teaser hit the internet courtesy of NICKMERCS, a second one has followed.

This time the teaser comes courtesy of ex-pro player and popular streamer Tyler "TeePee" Polchow.

Inside Stadium

The latest teaser for Warzone's Season 5 was sent by Infinity Ward to TeePee, who shared it with the world on stream.

Much like yesterday's teaser confirming the rumours that moving trains will be added to the game, this one confirms that Stadium will be opening up.

The teaser shows footage taken from a CCTV camera inside Stadium where an explosion takes place, expected to be from a Nuke.

If we were to guess, perhaps the opening of the Stadium is caused by this explosion - knocking open various windows and doors.

If the explosion was caused by a nuke, it seems like too small of a blast radius, a nuke would decimate the entire Stadium at least and probably the entire map.

What is clear is the reoccurring date that appears on the video (5th August) confirming more so than before that this is the date the new season will start - with the current battle pass ending on the 4th August.

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