Warzone: Community Upset With 'Play Again' Feature Not Working!

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Warzone Season 5 released earlier this week, and players all over the world are jumping into the new season and checking out all the new changes,

From the Stadium finally being opened, to the train moving around the map. There sure is a lot to check out this season.

However, a new bug has surfaced with one of the new features that have bothered numerous players.


Let's check it out!


Play Again

A Reddit post by user u/elasso_wipe-o, has warranted 410 upvotes at the time of writing and has called out the 'Play Again' that has been tormenting multiple players it appears.

They note the following:

"Every Time I hit play again, it says -$0 cash in a big red box on the screen. The one time I did get it to work, my party member got booted from the game and I was matched with a random"

Another user by the handle of u/ xxWAR_P0NYxx chimed in with their take on the issue as well: 

"I use the play again button all the time and I hate that it's broke. I know it might not be faster but unless someone need to go out to the menu it sure is easier. Wasn't paying attention last night and accidentally put my trio into a quads match and we didn't realize it until the end, it was all good cause we got the W."

So, it appears a lot of players are running into this issue while trying to get into a game fast, which can be an inconvenience for some.




Fix Coming Soon?

Infinity Ward has not officially commented on the bug yet. However, we can speculate that when a post warrants this much attention from fans, a fix should be coming in the future.

We suspect it will not take long to fix, as it may be just a simple bug fix they can push while players are playing the game.

Stay tuned for more updated regarding this issue!