Warzone Season 5: Frank Woods Voice Lines Added To Game Files

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Frank Woods is coming to Warzone in time for the COD 2020 reveal.

It was revealed, thanks to data miners, in Season 4 that Frank Woods will be added as an Operator and game files have been found in the game.

With the Season 5 update now going live, more files have been added!

It's believed that Frank Woods is the Protagonist in Black Ops Cold War and his appearance in the live event for Warzone will tee up the next title.


Frank Woods Voice Lines Added To Game Files

Thanks to @geekypasttimes, we can confirm that new voice lines have been added to Modern Warfare with the Season 5 update.

@ModernWarfare and @geekypasttimes were caught up in a debate about whether past audio files were referencing new missions added to the game.

In particular "This is it...ready to make history?".

Season 4 Frank Woods Teasers

In a new file that has been found within the game, clues are talking about a "prisoner".

Photo via @TheGamingRevo3

Now on its own, this evidence is very vague and doesn't necessarily point to Woods. But new audio has been found for the Black Ops badass

#تسريب مقاطع صوتيه لحركات انهاء (فينيشر) فرانك وود في ملفات كود ١٦ 😳 https://t.co/TqKRYoh8rFpic.twitter.com/B6f7QcltNZ
— ᴮᴷᵀᴼᴼᴿ (@BKTOOR_)
July 1, 2020

However, TheGamingRevolution has stated that there is a high chance he arrives based off of the files; this is also backed up by @ModernWarzone. It's not referring to Captain Price, as he is already in the game and has been free of captivity the entire time.

If you remember in Black Ops 2, there is a mission dedicated to saving Frank Woods, where he is literally rotting in a shipping container full of dead bodies.

It's certainly a great way to cross over the Modern Warfare and Black Ops lure, as Warzone seems to be doing, whilst keeping true to the original story.

As reported by @ModernWarzone, @CallOfDuty has recently uploaded a photo of Frank Woods to their Instagram account as thanks for 10 million followers.

There is back and forth over whether this is simply a coincidence.

However, the post and the fact that Woods is in the game code suggests he will be a new operator for Season 5.

Check out the post below:

🚨BREAKING🚨@CallOfDuty has uploaded Sgt Frank Woods to their Instagram account! #CallOfDuty#ModernWarfare#CoD2020#Warzonepic.twitter.com/E2nKOiSEtb
— ModernWarzone (@ModernWarzone)
July 23, 2020

Meanwhile, we've known for a while that we will be hunting Imran Zakhaev and it seems that this is further backed up by more evidence.

While nothing is confirmed, it wouldn't be a surprise to have such a huge character added as an Operator in what is likely to be the final season of Warzone for the Modern Warfare era.



Photos via @TheGamingRevo3

We'll have to wait and see what the COD 2020 reveal and in-game teaser has in store for us as Bunker 11 continues to divulge more of its story.