Warzone Season 5: Activision Promotional Email Confirms Warzone & Modern Warfare Season 5 Start Date!

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Modern Warfare's Season 5 will continue to compliment the explosive start that Season 4 has already had on the gaming world.

Now, with just a few days left to the season; it appears Activision themselves have confirmed the season start date via a promotional image.


Here's what we know!


Promotional Email 

First spotted by Charlie Intel, Activision has sent out the below image which was to notify players that they only have a few days left of the current season.


As well, the image has confirmed that the new season is set to release on August 4th, 2020  at 11:00 pm PT or 2:00 am EST.

Below is the full image with all the details!



Last Chance

With just a few days left to Season 4, this is also your last chance to get all of the battle pass rewards before they are gone forever! So be sure to hop on into Modern Warfare and finish off that battle pass.