Warzone Season 4: Taiga Skin In Wendigo Pack Gives Players Unfair "Pay To Win" Advantage

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Warzone blends Modern Warfare's core components into an incredibly addictive Battle Royale mode.

In the past, microtransactions have often created an unfair advantage for players that choose to spend money on the game with things such as weapon variants.

While weapon variants still exist in Season 4, they rarely have many benefits other than looking nice.

One issue that is muddying the water of this balance, is a small glitch with the Taiga skin in the Wendigo pack.

Wendigo Skin Gives Unfair Advantage

Glitches and bugs aren't uncommon in Call of Duty and while some of them are usually more obvious than this, it can certainly be frustrating to experience first hand.

Players that wear the Taiga skin are not leaving red smoke trailer when dropping into Verdansk at the start of a match.

Although it seems relatively small, it allows players to drop in undetected and can often lead to some frustrating Gulag trips.

This is frustrating for many as the skin requires you to purchase it - creating a "pay to win" argument.

It's unlikely this glitch will run riot in Warzone for long and Infinity Ward will likely sort this out soon.

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