Haunting of Verdansk: Trick or Trios Tips and Tricks To Help You Master Verdansk at Night

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The Haunting of Verdansk event is live across Modern Warfare and Warzone!

The limited-time event has seen the spirit of Halloween take over both titles.


As part of the spooky celebrations, Zombie Royale and BR Trick or Trios modes have gone live on Warzone alongside new cosmetic items and more.

Dropping into Verdansk under the cover of darkness has been rumoured for months. Players can finally get their fix of night-time Warzone action in the BR Trick or Trios mode.

With a brand-new setting to get familiar with, here are some handy tips and tricks to give you the upper hand over your opposition.

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1) Attachment Selection

Daytime Warzone allows you to use the vast majority of attachments that are available to select in the Gunsmith.

The darkness will make you rethink your attachment combinations on the loadouts your using to dominate the opposition.


If you are using an optic, switch it for a thermal optic for a much clearer view of any opponents attempting to use the darkness as cover.

Thermal optic Warzone night mode

Select a thermal scope for crystal-clear vision in the darkness

2) Watch The Windows

While it may be dark outside, nearly all of the windows overlooking the outdoors are lit up making it very easy to spot a potential target.

When holding a building, make sure to avoid standing in a window for a prolonged period of time to avoid being picked off by an eagle-eyed sniper.

3) Check Those Corners!

This is an important strategy regardless of whether its day or night but the simple task of checking every single corner is even more essential when operating in the darkness.


With minimal lighting in the wooded areas of the map, it is extremely tricky to spot an opponent that is creeping around the trees looking for an easy target to eliminate.

Utilise flash and stun grenades in order to determine the locations of anyone trying to be a sneaky beaver!

Flash Grenade Warzone

Use your utility rather than putting yourself in sticky situations!

4) Teamwork

The cover of darkness gives players the ability to get away with some audacious plays that simply wouldn’t be possible during daytime hours.

In order to avoid an early trip to the Gulag or a trip back to the main menu, utilise teamwork and co-ordination in order to climb the victory helicopter at the end of the game.


In the heat of battle, it can be very easy to forget to use the ping system. Remember to use it to relay essential information including locations of enemies, loot and where to move next.

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5) Silent but Deadly

More often than not, you will sprint head-first through a door, making a huge noise and potentially alerting any nearby opponents to your location.

The darkness forces players to rely on their hearing, even more, thanks to the lack of vision on the map, so ensuring you navigate the map as quietly as possible is a great way of making a deep run into the final few teams.

Approach a door and peek through a small gap before moving through it. This technique makes considerably less noise, allowing you to clear buildings without attracting any unwanted attention.